Djokovic Expresses Desire To Compete at US Open

Djokovic Expresses Desire To Compete at US Open

by Zachary Wimer

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Despite being currently unable to enter the United States, Novak Djokovic has publicly shared his aspirations to compete in the 2023 US Open.

The 35-year-old Serb, who recently relinquished his top men's singles ranking, expressed hope that circumstances would change, allowing him to reconnect with the New York crowd and vie for another Grand Slam title.

Following his absence from Indian Wells and the Miami Open this week, Djokovic made it clear that his career priorities now lie in competing at the Grand Slam tournaments. As the US Open remains the pinnacle of American tennis events, the Serb is eager to secure a spot in the prestigious tournament as he revealed to CNN.

"And it is the current state or current situation that I hope will change for later this year for the US Open. That is the most important tournament for me on the American soil.”

Djokovic, a three-time US Open champion, fondly recalled his 2021 final match against Daniil Medvedev, where he experienced an outpouring of love and appreciation from the New York audience. This connection with the crowd has fueled his desire to return to the iconic venue, where he hopes to rekindle that same level of enthusiasm and support.

“I really want to be playing there, want to be there. I actually had in 2021 when I lost in the finals against (Daniil) Medvedev, probably one of the best moments I ever had with the New York crowd. And I’ve been fortunate to win that tournament three times, play many finals."

"And even though I lost that match, I received a lot of love and appreciation from people and I want to go back and I want to reconnect with the crowd there. So that’s something I’m looking forward to and hopefully it will happen.”

In the meantime, Djokovic's focus remains on preparing for the upcoming Grand Slam events, especially the Roland Garros, where he will challenge Rafael Nadal for the 23rd Grand Slam title.


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