Djokovic Explains His Mysterious 'Violin Celebration' After Latest Wimbledon Win

Djokovic Explains His Mysterious 'Violin Celebration' After Latest Wimbledon Win

by Zachary Wimer

Novak Djokovic debuted a new celebration at the 2024 Wimbledon Championships, and he explained where it came from after the match.

The Serbian player has had some unique celebrations in the past, even though he's not one to debut many too often. He's had a few signature celebrations for a few years now, but he debuted a new one at Wimbledon, mimicking playing violin, and after the win over Alexei Popyrin, Djokovic revealed where it came from.

It came from Tara Djokovic, his daughter. His daughter has been playing the violin for a while, and he agreed that he would celebrate the win like that as if he were playing the violin.

It's a cool story and shows the 24-time major winner's strong bond with his kids. In fact, he's openly admitted that the one thing that could push him into an early retirement was his kids because he doesn't really want to spend too much time away from them.

"That was for Tara. My [daughter] has been playing violin for some time already, six months, and we agreed that I would celebrate that way. Usain Bolt [has his own signature celebration]! Ronaldo and that 'sui', I also like Agassi's waving with a kiss when he bows."

"Guga at Roland Garros with heart, there are interesting ones... Bellingham, he simply spreads its arms, Alcaraz did that, I did that at Roland Garros."

Djokovic thinks celebrations are pretty fun, and they are. They add a certain flavor to the sport, as Djokovic showed when he copied Shelton's celebration after beating him at the 2023 US Open.

"It's interesting and fun that we can take it from other sports, combine sports, it travels quickly through networks. Everyone has their own thing, I changed it, it depends on the moment and feelings, now I have a violin."


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