Djokovic 'Didn't Forget To Play Tennis' Says Ivanisevic: 'It's Just Question Of Motivation'

Djokovic 'Didn't Forget To Play Tennis' Says Ivanisevic: 'It's Just Question Of Motivation'

by Zachary Wimer

Novak Djokovic hasn't played very good tennis lately, but the Serbian didn't forget how to play tennis, according to his former coach Goran Ivanisevic.

If anybody knows Djokovic well or what he might have been thinking recently, it's Ivanisevic. The former player coached Djokovic just a few weeks ago until the world number one announced the shocking news of their split.

The reason for their split is not well understood, but the Croatian coach said that they just became tired of each other. Recently, Ivanisevic spoke about Djokovic and how he has two versions of himself.

"I think yes. I think definitely, you know, he needs to know what he wants at the moment and show up [in] the A [game]. You have A Novak, you have B Novak. If A Novak shows up on court, you always bet on him."

"But if B Novak shows on the court, then against these guys, especially Jannik, Carlos and Medvedev, you have a problem. Then I cannot [bet on him]."

According to Ivanisevic, the recent losses, such as the one against Nardi, are concerning but not problematic. It's not so much that he forgot how to play good tennis because he didn't; it's more about staying motivated and focused on the goal, which for him will be the Roland Garros event and the Olympic Games.

"You need to be there... He needs to do well on clay and prepare well for Roland Garros. He's there, he didn't forget how to play tennis, it's just questions of motivation and how he enters the court."

The Monte-Carlo Masters will certainly offer some insight into how he's doing, and his fans are hoping for a solid result, even though the Serbian hasn't performed well in Monte Carlo over the years, and kept the expectations low ahead of the tournament.


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