Djokovic Backed To Win 2024 Australian Open By Kyrgios & Roddick In Early Predictions

Djokovic Backed To Win 2024 Australian Open By Kyrgios & Roddick In Early Predictions

by Sebastian Dahlman

Novak Djokovic was the clear favorite for winning the 2024 Australian Open by the Tennis Channel panel consisting of Nick Kyrgios and Andy Roddick.

Novak Djokovic just won the 2023 ATP Finals by beating Carlos Alcaraz and Jannik Sinner in back-to-back matches. It was a wonderful week for the Serbian in Turin as he continued to play amazing tennis and showed no signs of slowing down.

The closing thoughts of the Tennis Channel panel on that was to ask whether Djokovic will get to number 25 at the Australian Open. He won the event the previous year and has dominated there for years. Former ATP player Andy Roddick made a boring prediction that Djokovic would win the event once more.

This is my boring prediction again. I'm just going to keep doing it. I said 3 days ago, I'm jsut not going to bet against Novak Djokovic. Listen, it doesn't mean I don't believe somebody else doesn't have a chance but I will not put my money against Novak Djokovic. Cerainly not going to change my mind after the last couple of days.

Roddick picks Djokovic to win 2024 AO

It's not a huge surprise because Djokovic traditionally plays some of his best tennis in Melbourne. It's a well-established pattern, and that's why Nick Kyrgios agreed with Roddick picking the Serbian as well to win the Australian Open.

I'll take Novak as well. I just think he's so comfortable in Australia and after last year he was basically untochable. Look, no sign of slowing down so I'll go Novak as well.

Kyrgios pick Djokovic to win 2024 AO

We won't have to wait for long to find out if they're correct in their predictions, but anything but Djokovic winning would be a pretty big surprise. That's just how it is Down Under.


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