Novak Djokovic Hints At Wanting To Win Golden Calendar Slam In 2024

Novak Djokovic Hints At Wanting To Win Golden Calendar Slam In 2024

by Evita Mueller

Novak Djokovic has some big plans for 2024, which was expected, but how realistic is it to win the Golden Calendar Slam?

Novak Djokovic was utterly spectacular this year, winning three of the four Grand Slams this year. He finished the year by winning the ATP Finals by beating Jannik Sinner in the final, so what possibility can Djokovic desire more?

Well, he was asked that during his post-match press conference at the 2023 ATP Finals, and he said the Golden Calendar Slam. That's when a tennis player wins the Gold Medal at the Olympic Games, along with the four Grand Slams that year, and it's incredibly difficult.

Djokovic nearly completed the Calendar Slam two years ago, so it's not unthinkable for him to do that, even though it will be very tough. He's still the most dominant force in tennis, and if he really gives it his all, then it's more likely to happen than not.

Well, you can win four slams and Olympic gold (smiling). Let's see. I mean, I have always the highest ambitions and goals. That's not going to be different for the next year, that's for sure. The drive that I have is still there. My body has been serving me well, listening to me well. I have a great team of people around me.

Motivation, especially for the biggest tournaments in sport, is still present. It still inspires me to keep going. In the end of the day, people see you performing in the big tournaments, but they don't see all the weeks and months of dedicated day-to-day, week-to-week work, trying to build your form so that you can peak where you want to peak.

Djokovic will certainly do everything in his power to get the achievement, so let's see what happens. He won four of the last five big events, so why not?


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