Djokovic Avoids Question About His Injury Ahead Of Roland Garros Final

Djokovic Avoids Question About His Injury Ahead Of Roland Garros Final

by Alfredo Bassanelli

Novak Djokovic appeared to have a minor problem with his hand during his match against Carlos Alcaraz at the 2023 Roland Garros, but he brushed it off after the match.

Novak Djokovic seemingly is human after all after this year's season saw him struggle with a couple of physical issues. It all started in Australia where he played with an apparent muscle tear but still managed to lift the trophy.

For much of this clay season, Djokovic dealt with an elbow injury even though he initially downplayed the significance of it. Now it seems like his hand is troubling as the Serbian took a medical timeout for an apparent hand issue though it didn't matter much in the end cause Alcaraz had a bigger issue.

After the match, Djokovic was asked about the medical timeout but he completely dodged the question never addressing it in the slightest. His response mostly featured a breakdown of the tough conditions that impacted both players.

Look, as I said, the intensity was extremely high for the first two sets, so we both felt it, you know, in the legs. We both felt it also the way the energy levels were maybe not as high.

He professionally switched the topic towards Alcaraz and his cramping, explaining that he tried to stay in the match, and then when it happened things were much easier for him. He bemoaned Alcaraz's struggle on behalf of the crowd as well.

For me, I just tried to stay there, stay present, you know, make him play. That's it. You know, he couldn't move, you know, as well as he was doing for first two sets. So of course it was not great for the crowd, you know, to experience such a match. That was completely different from what they have seen for two sets, but it is what it is.

Djokovic's injury didn't appear to be anything serious, though, he did have a painful expression when the physio worked on his hand. On Sunday, we'll get to know the extent of that injury and if Casper Ruud manages to take advantage of it.


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