Casper Ruud Withdraws From 2023 Moselle Open Metz

Casper Ruud Withdraws From 2023 Moselle Open Metz

by Sebastian Dahlman

Casper Ruud is ending his 2023 tennis season by pulling out of the 2023 Moselle Open in Metz, as there is nothing to play for anymore.

It's been a very disappointing year for Ruud overall because he didn't play nearly as well as some people thought he might. He's to blame mostly for it because he had a very strange way of preparing for this year, which he won't do again.

He blamed the bad results on the weird preparation he had in the offseason, promising not to do it again. The end result was just him never really finding his best tennis.

It briefly happened at the Roland Garros, where he made it to the final once more but lost to Novak Djokovic easily. The rest of the year has been pretty bad overall, as his win record shows.

He won only 37 matches this year, far from the 53 he won last year. This is actually his lowest total since 2017 if we exclude 2020, which was the COVID year.

Last year, for example, he played in seven finals and won three trophies. This year, he played in only three finals and won only one trophy. It's pretty clear that this was a down year, and he even admitted to it and talked about it.

It obviously caused a drop in his ranking, as he'll leave the Top 10 for the first time in a very long time. He'll also miss the ATP Finals after playing in the final last year.

The only reason why he signed up for Metz was in case he needed a small boost to secure a spot in Turin, but after his Paris Masters exit, that became impossible, so he withdrew from Metz.

Now it's time for some rest and hopefully a much better preparation for next year compared to this year.


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