'Can't Believe It's Still Happening': Wawrinka Slams ATP Over Ball Use

'Can't Believe It's Still Happening': Wawrinka Slams ATP Over Ball Use

Stan Wawrinka has become quite outspoken over the years, and he recently spoke about the tennis balls used across tournaments on the ATP Tour.

Wawrinka has no problem speaking facts and also speaking his mind. The Swiss veteran was very vocal about his disgust for the new Davis Cup format, which saw him plenty in front of empty stands in England.

In any case, the Swiss added his thoughts on the tennis balls debate, which has been a thing on the ATP Tour this year. Many players spoke about the complex issue of switching balls all the time because it's just not healthy for the body.

Let's start there and never mention the fact that it makes it really hard for players to build up any kind of consistency. Imagine basketball being played with a different ball every week; that wouldn't be very nice, would it?

So tennis, as a sport that centers around hitting a tennis ball, really doesn't benefit from frequent ball changes. The obvious problem is the health of players, which seems to be impacted, as many pointed out that the ever-changing balls contribute to all kinds of problems.

Many spoke up about it, which is exactly what bothers Wawrinka most. Not only is the issue not being addressed, it's actually being completely ignored while it's still happening.

Wawrinka's disappointment centered mostly on the fact that it was 2023, and these kinds of things were still happening. He posted a photo of the different balls on X and wrote:

"Can’t believe in 2023 it’s still happening!"

He's right because it really doesn't make any sense and will need to be addressed before the next season starts. There is too much smoke around the problem, and players are clearly not happy so they can't simply expect it to go away on its own.


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