'All I Can Say Is Congratulations': Alcaraz On Djokovic Finishing Year As No. 1

'All I Can Say Is Congratulations': Alcaraz On Djokovic Finishing Year As No. 1

by Evita Mueller

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Novak Djokovic secured the ATP year-end No. 1 trophy on Sunday evening, and Carlos Alcaraz humbly congratulated him on the achievement.

One year after Novak Djokovic congratulated Carlos Alcaraz for securing the year-end No. 1 rank, the Spaniard returned the favour. The conclusion of this year was supposed to be this amazing battle between Djokovic and Alcaraz for who would finish the year as number one, but that didn't happen.

The Spaniard struggled during the final part of the year, and after an early exit from Paris, the race was practically over. Djokovic needed only one win at the 2023 ATP Finals to secure the number 1 spot, and after beating Holger Rune in three sets, he got the trophy.

Alcaraz was asked about it after his match the following day, and he congratulated Djokovic on the achievement, calling it deserving.

Well, he deserve. He deserve it, for sure. I mean, he has won three Grand Slams and reached the final of the fourth one. He won two or three Masters 1000. I mean, he deserve to end the year as No. 1. He has lost just five matches in the year. It's unbelievable. I hear that he said it wasn't the best year of his career.

Alcaraz congratulates Djokovic

Besides the congratulations, Alcaraz also spoke about not being able to take his chances and make the race more interesting. He actually had a pretty good chance, so much so that Daniil Medvedev even predicted Alcaraz to get it done a few weeks ago.

I've been fighting for the No. 1. I had the chances in the last tournament that I've played, and I couldn't take that opportunity. All I can say is congratulations to him, the eighth time that he has the No. 1. I will fight to have the chance in the next year

Alcaraz on the battle


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