Alcaraz's Dip In Form 'Not Worrying' As He Gets Schedule Advice From Corretja

Alcaraz's Dip In Form 'Not Worrying' As He Gets Schedule Advice From Corretja

by Sebastian Dahlman

Former player and Eurosport analyst Alex Corretja shared his view on the recent performances of Carlos Alcaraz, which weren't up to his standard.

Alcaraz had high hopes for the Asian swing, hoping to possibly win a trophy but certainly to earn a lot of ATP points in his quest to finish the year as world number one.

It didn't quite work out, as he lost to Jannik Sinner at the China Open, which was a match he could have really won. The second loss came in Shanghai in another match that he could have won, but ultimately, he didn't win either.

It's not the same level or the confidence he had earlier in the year, and it's very visible. He's been quite nervous in his matches, which was evident in some of his reactions. Even so, none of that worries his compatriot Alex Corretja, who talked to Eurosport.

Alcaraz's Asian tour is not worrying. I don't give it any importance. Every tournament, every week, every game is a learning experience for Alcaraz, his season is being spectacular. Better almost impossible. Carlos there will come a time when he will have to select tournaments like [Novak] Djokovic.

We are used to times when [Rafael] Nadal, Djokovic and [Roger] Federer reached the Masters 1000 [events] and won them as if nothing had happened, but it is more normal for him to make a semi-final against Sinner and then be surprised by Dimitrov. Maintaining 100% in the 80 games he plays a year is impossible.

Corretja is right in his analysis; however, Alcaraz is still somewhat disappointed. He was up in both of the matches he lost, and it's losing an advantage isn't something we've seen often from him. More worryingly, it's the approach that was kind of lacklustre, which Alcaraz himself mentioned as not good enough.


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