Alcaraz Told 'He's Lacking Discipline In His Game' Amid Slump In Form

Alcaraz Told 'He's Lacking Discipline In His Game' Amid Slump In Form

by Zachary Wimer

Carlos Alcaraz is not playing at a very high level right now, but former player Laura Robson doesn't think it's an issue.

Alcaraz had a tremendous start to last year, winning several trophies in the year's first half. He missed the Australian Open due to injury, but he was terrific once he started to play.

The crowning moment came at Wimbledon, where he won his second Grand Slam trophy by dethroning the king of Wimbledon - Novak Djokovic.

Many expected him to have a great second half of the year, but he didn't, as he struggled through several vents while dealing with some injuries.

Some might say it's a slump that carried over this year, but for Robson, it is just him not playing with enough discipline. Calling it a slump would be too much because he made the US Open semi-final and the Australian Open quarter-final.

His standard may be winning those events, of course, but that's far from a slump, even from a player who is basically a Top 1-2 player in the world. Speaking to Eurosport, Robson noted that he just needs to adopt more discipline in his game.

"There’s no panic for Carlos because he’s having a bit of a slump - I wouldn’t even call it that - post-Wimbledon. A couple of months where he hasn’t quite played as disciplined as he did there."

In the coming weeks, the Spaniard will want to prove that his slump was only temporary, as he'll aim to reach his top level again. The two-time Grand Slam champion clearly knows what he needs to do to get better, and so does Robson.

"It’s a bit of discipline that he's lacking in his game because he wants to for all of these crazy shots, but you can. That’s half the fun. That’s why you pick up a racquet in the first place."

"You don’t want to lose that part of your game. No stress, no drama, and we’re going to be talking about him for another 10 or 15 years."


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