Murray Still Not '100% Sure' About His Retirement According To Robson

Murray Still Not '100% Sure' About His Retirement According To Robson

by Zachary Wimer

Andy Murray looks closer to retirement than ever, and fellow Brit and former player Laura Robson recently discussed it.

Robson is a former player who is already retired and now mostly works as a tennis analyst for Eurosport. She chimes in with her thoughts to several outlets, and in a recent talk with Sky Sports, she talked about Andy Murray.

She doesn't have any insider information about the fate of his career, but she probably knows more than any average person. Murray's career has been on a downward trajectory for a while now, and his play Down Under didn't really make anybody more optimistic about his future.

He's simply limited in what he can do on the court, and it's less by the day. Young players are coming up, and if you can't hang around, you're going to be overrun. According to Robson, the Brit knows how he'd like to do it, but he's unsure about the timing.

"I know Andy has a date in mind or a tournament in mind that he wants to finish up his career, but I feel like he'll tell us when he's ready to say it and the fact that he hasn't yet means to me that he's maybe not 100 per cent sure of what he wants to do."

Like Robson, most people are simply guessing as to what we've observed. It's clear that he's about as close to it as he's ever been because there is nothing in his game that signals that he can hang around for much longer.

Whether it's Wimbledon or the US Open or somewhere else remains to be seen. As for Robson, she's just going to let him do it however he wants which is fair.

"I feel like we've done the guessing game with just about every other top player who's almost on the way out, looking like they're about to retire and I'm kind of a bit over it because people will call it a day when they want to, rather than everyone asking them, week after week, when it's going to happen."


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