Alcaraz Reveals Details About New Tattoo To Commemorate Roland Garros Win

Alcaraz Reveals Details About New Tattoo To Commemorate Roland Garros Win

by Zachary Wimer

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Carlos Alcaraz will be adding to his tattoo collection with a tattoo to commemorate his 2024 Roland Garros win.

When you look at Alcaraz, you don't really see too many tattoos. It's certainly not the extent of Alexander Bublik, but the Spaniard has a few and will be adding one more. The next tattoo that he'll get will be related to his 2024 Roland Garros triumph.

He got one to commemorate winning Wimbledon last year, as well as his first major triumph at the US Open, so he's going to get one to commemorate winning Roland Garros as well.

He spoke about it after the final match, admitting that it's probably going to feature the Eiffel Tower, a very prominent landmark in Paris and the symbol of the city.

He also added that it will likely feature the date of his triumph, which was June 9th, 2024. He admitted that it's a bit busy period for him right now, so he'll have to find the time to get it done, but he will do as he did for the other two majors he won.

"That's a good first question. I have to find the time. But I will do it for sure. It's going to be in the left ankle. You know, Wimbledon was the right one. Here is going to be the left one, I think so with the Tour Eiffel with the date of today."

"And, yeah, it's something that I'm gonna do. I don't know if next weeks or gonna take a month or two months, but I will do it." 

Considering how good he is, the Spaniard might run out of space in the future if he keeps this tradition up because he certainly won't remain on three majors. He'll likely win many more and with it, he'll not only need bigger trophy cabinet, but also space for some ink on his skin.


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