Alcaraz 'Not Thinking' About Being Top Seed For Roland Garros

Alcaraz 'Not Thinking' About Being Top Seed For Roland Garros

by Sebastian Dahlman

Carlos Alcaraz is set to embrace the top seed position at the 2023 Roland Garros, a feat he humbly regards as "crazy."

Ascending to the top of the ATP rankings after his victory over Albert Ramos Vinolas at the 2023 Italian Open, Alcaraz's rise once again signals a shifting of the guard in men's tennis. Ousting Novak Djokovic from the number one spot, the unassuming Spaniard will be the top seed at the Roland Garris, marking his first stint as the highest-ranked player at a Grand Slam.

Yet, the 20-year-old prodigy remains unflustered by the fanfare. Speaking after his match in Rome, Alcaraz showcased a maturity that belied his years, emphasizing his intent to keep the focus on his game and the matches ahead.

To him, the distinction of being the top seed at a Grand Slam, while undoubtedly a remarkable achievement, does not alter his approach to the game. It is this zen-like focus that separates Alcaraz from his contemporaries.

Amid the dazzling lights of acclaim and the heightened expectations that come with his elevated status, he remains grounded, dedicated to his craft and unwavering in his resolve to improve. His words solve as a proof.

"Well, it's great, to be No. 1 seed in Roland Garros, in a Grand Slam is something crazy. I couldn't believe it years ago, but yes, I am very happy. It doesn't change too much to be No. 1 or No. 2 seed, I just focus on the tournament, on my game, on every match and that's something that I try not to think about but of course, it's something great, to be No. 1."

A crucial component of Alcaraz's game is his masterful use of the kick serve. This tactical move, which involves imparting a lot of spin to the ball, causing it to bounce high and away from the opponent, has become a staple in his arsenal. Responding to queries about his proclivity for this strategy, Alcaraz attributed his success to its unpredictable nature.

"Well, is a weapon for me to be unpredictable sometimes. Of course, in the serves, I move wide to make a kick serve. It's really, really tough to make a winner return down the line when you are outside the court."

"Yeah, I try to do that a lot of times, then the second ball hitting with my forehand. It's really a helpful weapon for me. Yeah, as I said, it's really good for me to be unpredictable sometimes."


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