Alcaraz Finds It 'Difficult' To Be Himself Amid 'Difficult To Deal With' Negative Comments

Alcaraz Finds It 'Difficult' To Be Himself Amid 'Difficult To Deal With' Negative Comments

by Zachary Wimer

In a very honest moment recently, Carlos Alcaraz admitted to struggling with negative comments, which are not discussed often.

One thing that a lot of people glance over when it comes to being an athlete or any public person is the negative comments. Even if you're one of the best and most likable players on the ATP Tour, you can still clearly get them.

Alcaraz recently admitted to struggling to deal with that, even though the majority of what he sees online are positive comments. Most people can understand that on a purely personal level.

Everybody has had moments when they hear something bad about themselves, and it does impact them. Some people find ways to deal with it better than others, which is what Alcaraz is focusing on right now.

He is just keeping in mind what's really important. After his most recent win at the 2024 Indian Wells Open, the 20-year-old opened to the press about struggles that many may not know about.

"You know, as I said many times, I'm a guy that see a lot of the phone, and I see a lot of comments that the people give to you. Most of them are really good ones, but a few of them is the bad ones."

"You know, it's difficult to deal with it, but, yes, that's what I'm trying to do, to stay away from everything, be myself and enjoy every time that I step on the court."

Doing that, however, has been a bit hard in recent months. That was another admission he had. He's generally a player who smiles a lot on the court and tries to enjoy every moment, but the results show it's been quite hard recently. It's not been the best of times for Alcaraz.

"I think for me, it's a little bit difficult to be myself, let's say, the last few months or the past few tournaments. I was trying to enjoy, let's say, every match, every point, but it was difficult for me, you know, to stay there in high intensity, high level of pressure, let's say."

Things have looked a lot better this week in Indian Wells, and the Spaniard will hope that the good string of wins will continue, as he's the defending champion at the event.

"It was difficult for me to deal with it, but I trying to stay away for everything and trying to, you know, enjoy the court. I think that's the most important thing for me."


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