Alcaraz 'Broke Many Rackets' And Had To Be Take Off Court After Losses Says Former Coach

Alcaraz 'Broke Many Rackets' And Had To Be Take Off Court After Losses Says Former Coach

by Zachary Wimer

Carlos Alcaraz hates to lose, but many people probably don't know just how much he hates to lose, and it showed already when he was just starting with tennis.

The Spaniard is one of the best players in the world right now. Even at a very young age, he was able to complete a long list of achievements that we haven't really seen in a long time.

We've seen talented teenagers and teenage Grand Slam champions, but we haven't really seen a package quite like Alcaraz in a long time.

He did some things even the members of the Big Three failed to do, which deserves a lot of attention. What type of career he ends up having remains to be seen, but the writings were on the wall quite early.

Hating to lose is something all champions have. Alcaraz has it, too, and while that's clear, we don't really know the extent of it. His former coach, Kiko Navarro, spoke about the Spaniard in the Sky documentary Young Guns: The New Tennis Titans.

"Carlos never liked to lose. He broke so many rackets. His dad had to take him away from the court because he was crying. It was something he really had to work on because he had to keep this energy without it affecting him negatively."

Breaking rackets is not something we associate with Alcaraz in the professionals. He almost never does it, even though he had moments when he got really upset on the court. During his most recent loss in Buenos Aires, he threw his racket at one point, but mostly, the 20-year-old tries to avoid that.

Recently, it's been a tough few months for the Spaniard. He hasn't played in a final for six months, and that's a very long time, considering how strong of a player he is.


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