Agassi Responds To Roddick's 'Cheating' Claims Ahead Of Pickleball Slam 2

Agassi Responds To Roddick's 'Cheating' Claims Ahead Of Pickleball Slam 2

by Zachary Wimer

Andy Roddick jokingly accused Andre Agassi of cheating on him after picking his wife, Steffi Graf, up for the second edition of the Pickleball Slam next year.

The event the former greats are set to play is not a tennis event but a pickleball exhibition. Last year, the first edition of the Pickleball Slam was played between former tennis players Andre Agassi, Andy Roddick, Michael Chang, and John McEnroe.

It proved a huge success as many people tuned in and we will get a second edition. It's named in the same way the first one was named - Pickleball Slam with just the two added to signal the second edition.

The participants will be similar as Agassi will be returning, but he'll play with his wife, Steffi Graf, as opposed to Andy Roddick.

In an interview posted by the events X page, Agassi and Graf can be seen discussing the event with the American, explaining how Roddick accused him of cheating on him.

Andy already messaged me that he feels like I'm cheating on him. Like Bringing another partner to the court. I came into my wife's defense and said how can I cheat on you with my wife it's not really cheating.

The fun banter between the players is part of the fun of pickleball. The promotional run for the first edition featured extensive trash-talking from all sides, and this is just the continuation of it. On a more serious note, Agassi said that he enjoyed playing with Roddick.

He was so awesome to play with, he's gotta get back into the mace. He's been keeping up the game too. I'm gonna get on him for definite ways for us to get back in a competitive environment.

This second edition of the pickleball is coming up in February of 2024 so look out for that.


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