'A Joke': Rune Calls Out Bettors Writing Negative Comments On Social Media

'A Joke': Rune Calls Out Bettors Writing Negative Comments On Social Media

by Zachary Wimer

Holger Rune called out all those who bet on tennis matches and then get angry and harass the players after losing their bet.

Social media harassment has been a huge problem in tennis since the beginning of the social media age. The rise of social media allowed all those who wanted to harass players to do so on social media, creating opportunities that they didn't have before.

It's particularly problematic when it comes to betting because many angry bettors harass players on social media after every match, often regardless of whether they win or lose.

It gets quite annoying, and Rune lamented about it recently during his participation, and most recent win, at the 2024 Indian Wells Open.

"I try to avoid as much as possible to read the social media, to be honest. I'm less and less myself on social media. I try to give back to all my fans. I think it's important because it means a lot really."

Rune on social media

"The comments that are made are way too much. You would probably never see a person go up to a player's face and say stuff like that in real life."

It's not something that some has ability to really stop, and most players likely deal with it the way Rune does. They have to do their best to ignore it because what else can they really do?

"I think you have to control a little bit what you're saying even on social media. It's kind of a joke, really. Because it's just really people that are betting on the matches that probably lost a bet or something and they feel like they want to write some s**t. So I don't think they write it with a lot of meaning."

Rune on social media harrasment


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