'I'm Not No Vax': Djokovic Says '95% Of Claims About Him Are False'

'I'm Not No Vax': Djokovic Says '95% Of Claims About Him Are False'

by Zachary Wimer

Novak Djokovic recently explained his great disappointment with the media and the way he was portrayed during the pandemic.

Novak Djokovic's stance on vaccination was not a very popular one around the world and his name was a constant mention in the media. Not all that was said or written was false however Djokovic didn't like the way he was misrepresented in the media overall.

A free choice advocate, Djokovic declined to get vaccinated opting to exercise autonomy over his body. He was supported by his fans but for the most part, the rest of the world reacted very negatively, particularly due to his leading position in the sport.

It resulted in negative media coverage for him, something he claims was 95 % of the time completely false as he revealed in a recent interview with Corriere Della Serra.

I suffered everything on my skin. Many people have appreciated that I have remained consistent. 95 percent of what has been written and said on TV about me in the last three years is totally false. I'm not no vax and I've never said I was in my life. I'm not even pro vax. I am pro choice. I defend freedom of choice.

He was very reluctant to speak on the issue during those times justifying it with a fear of being misquoted. He further explained that stance by pointing out that his BBC interview greatly disappointed him as they omitted many things from it framing him as a person who is against vaccination at the height of the pandemic.

I explained it one to the BBC, but they eliminated many sentences, the ones that weren't convenient. So I never spoke of this story again. I was disappointed by the media and by many colleagues.

The pandemic is now officially over and Djokovic will be glad to put that part of his career behind him. It was a hard time for him due to being villanized for much of it. He's now ready to turn a new page and focus on what he loves most - tennis.


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