2023 ATP Finals Exceed Record Sales Months Before Start

2023 ATP Finals Exceed Record Sales Months Before Start

by Evita Mueller

The 2023 ATP Finals are slowly approaching, and sales have been going really well, exceeding the previous high from last year.

The ATP Finals are inching closer, and while we don't know the full roster of players that will play, we already know that Novak Djokovic, Daniil Medvedev, and Carlos Alcaraz will be there. The rest will be determined in the coming weeks, as we have a really close battle between multiple good players.

The ATP Finals in London were hugely popular among fans, which isn't surprising considering how strong the city's connection with tennis is. Turin has a weaker link with tennis, but Italy has a long history in the sport, so the move made some sense at the time.

The event has steadily increased in popularity since the first year of its move to Turin. There are a few ways to prove that; ticket sales are a pretty good bet. This year's pre-sale broke the record of last year's pre-sale monetarily, with fans hoping to see a spectacular showdown similar to the one we saw last year.

Last year's one was a really good one, having had both Nadal and Djokovic, but this year's won't feature the Spanish legend as he recovers from injury. We should get Carlos Alcaraz, who missed last year's due to an injury but hopefully will play this year.

Regarding the exact number, this year's sales have already racked up more money compared to last year. Last year, the pre-sale tickets garnered 14,306,122 euros, a sizeable amount. This year's pre-sale is unfinished, but the event already racked up more money at 14,336,688.

That number will likely rise, and it's good to see fans interested in the final showdown between the eight best players in the previous season. Stick with us to find out which players will play there as we follow the season's unfolding.


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