'I Feel Like We So Much Belong To Each Other': Tsitsipas On Relationship With Badosa

'I Feel Like We So Much Belong To Each Other': Tsitsipas On Relationship With Badosa

by Nurein Ahmed

Stefanos Tsitsipas believes the "same passion and love" would have existed between himself and his girlfriend Paula Badosa even if they weren't tennis players.

Tsitsipas' relationship with WTA star Badosa has been one of the major off-court storylines to emerge in 2023. They've become a powerful tennis couple, and have even created a joint social media page to provide constant updates on their love affair.

Tsitsipas spoke glowingly of Badosa during his most recent interview Austrian channel Servus TV. It's almost by coincidence that their lives intertwined through tennis, according to Tsitsipas who admitted to how his own parents fell in love while playing the sport.

The Greek star was quizzed by Barbara Schett on what inspires him about his Manhattan-born girlfriend, to which Tsitsipas responded by saying "everything" on and off the court. This couldn't be more evident given how committed Badosa has been in his corner while she is recovering from a season-ending injury.

"Everything about her on and off the court (inspires me), I honestly think that even if we wouldn't have been tennis players, we would have still found the same passion and love for each other. It just happened to come from tennis, which is a beautiful story because my journey started from tennis and her journey started from tennis. My father and mother met through tennis."

"I feel like we so much belong to each other, it's one of a very rare thing and I feel like, I don't want to sound cliche or cheesy but that's how it is.

Tsitsipas, however, remarked that both being tennis players has made the connection even stronger because they can "understand" each other's lives and "subscribe to it" since they are treading on the same path, leaving little room for doubt.

"It's difficult to find a person that's going to understand the life of a tennis player and subscribe to it and say 'this is what I want to do' and in the case of Paula I feel like, there's nothing that is misunderstood or not in the same path, clear and certain."


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