Djokovic Reveals Other Governing Bodies 'Not Supportive' Of His PTPA

Djokovic Reveals Other Governing Bodies 'Not Supportive' Of His PTPA

by Nurein Ahmed

Novak Djokovic launched an inexplicit attack on the ATP, the governing body of men's tennis, for "ignoring" his breakaway player's association.

In 2019, Djokovic and Canadian player Vasek Pospisil helped to bring the idea of PTPA (Professional Tennis Players Association) to life, before the organization was formally founded in 2021. When it started it almost had no fanfare.

The principal aim is to safeguard and support men's and women's tennis players, addressing core issues like prize money distribution, tournament scheduling, and advocating for a fair anti-doping program in light of Simona Halep's delayed court ruling on her doping case.

Djokovic and Pospisil learned that the ATP was not fully representing the interests of tennis players. The rollout of the PTPA wasn't without its own significant obstacles and controversy, and the Serbian has in the past admitted he could have done things differently.

But almost three years since its formation, the PTPA has gained momentum as the group's vision comes to light, with hundreds of players signing up as members. Djokovic has sent a message in a direct attack to the ATP stating how the group is growing each day, even without their support.

"Some other governing bodies in our sport have not been really supportive of the PTPA or I would say have been pretty much ignoring the PTPA. But we are there and we are getting stronger and stronger day by day, gaining more trust and more support from the players."

"Players are recognizing the importance of PTPA as an organization for them and representing their rights. Because at the end of the day, we are the only association in our sport that really has 100% interest of players."

Djokovic's vision is in line with that of PTPA CEO Ahmad Nassar who spoke to Ubitennis recently when he addressed concerns about the player's welfare. Nassar stated that players have the freedom and capacity to choose where and when to play when they see fit based on their personal views, amid concerns of Saudi Arabia potentially hosting more ATP tournaments in the future.

"The PTPA, like other players associations, exists to represent all players. That includes players with various viewpoints on nuanced and complicated issues such as holding events in Saudi Arabia (or any other location). Players must remain free to play – or not play – wherever their own personal beliefs dictate."


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