'You're Expected To Do It Again': Raducanu Shown Support By US Open Opponent Fernandez

'You're Expected To Do It Again': Raducanu Shown Support By US Open Opponent Fernandez

by Zachary Wimer

Leylah Fernandez participated in the US Open final, which Emma Raducanu won, and she understands well what the Brit was going through.

That US Open final between Raducanu and Fernandez was iconic in many ways. Not only two teenagers played in the final of a major, but also two very likable players who captured the world's attention with their brave play met on the tennis court.

Raducanu won that final, but it was a pivotal moment for both players. There are many parallels between them, as neither came close to that level after that, struggling to find the same form and results.

Even so, the amount of pressure that both have to face is similar, and that's why Fernandez understands well what Raducanu went through. Everyone expected both to repeat those results after that run, but that was neither realistic nor probable.

"I can certainly understand what Emma’s been going through. Sometimes you put extra pressure on yourself, because you did something incredible at such a young age."

"Then you’re expected to do it again and again. I’ve been trying to accept it. That’s the hardest part, you feel you’re accepting it, but in reality you’re butting heads all the time with the pressure you give yourself."

Both are in action this week in Eastbourne to fine-tune their game for Wimbledon, and there is a chance that they will meet on a tennis court again, as they already met on the practice courts prior to the WTA 500 tournament. Speaking about similarities with the Brit, Fernandez further spoke about the growing pains that they've both gone through recently.

"What we’re going through is normal, plenty of pros have gone through that. It’s just about learning from those experiences and hopefully there will be more opportunities to play in Grand Slam finals, to play in the big stadiums. There’s a long way to go in my career."


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