WATCH: Azarenka’s Son Leo Hits Balls To Fans After Her Win

WATCH: Azarenka’s Son Leo Hits Balls To Fans After Her Win

by Kadir Macar

Victoria Azarenka had some fun following her first round match at the Libema Open in Den Bosch utilizing the tennis skills of her son.

Azarenka has been a mother for a few years now with her son Leo a prominent part of her life and tennis career. She travels with him to most events and he's prominently featured in her interview as she rarely fails to mention him.

It's a great thing to see, a motherly instinct on full display as she genuinely adores her son. He's a nifty little fellow, seemingly quite skilled with the racquet as he got to demonstrate following her 1st round Libema Open match. It was a good match for the Belarusian as she started off with a win, a much-needed one following a lacklustre clay season which featured an early exit at Roland Garros as well.

A video posted by the official WTA Twitter profile, shows Azarenka enlisting the help of her son Leo to hit some tennis balls after her win. The practice generally features players doing it themselves but why do it yourself when you have such a skilful assistant? The video is really heart-warming especially with the crowd being fully engaged in the whole thing. You can see at the end of the article.

When it comes to Azarenka, she will be looking forward to the grass season, especially since she'll be able to play at Wimbledon again. She's had some great career moments on those courts and she'll be glad about a comeback. Last year was tough in that regard with the player speaking out against the ban. The reason for the ban remains a topic this year with tension probably higher than last year.

Azarenka has been caught up in the middle of it since the start as a council member and hit out against suggesting that the council was not doing enough. It's certainly going to be even trickier at Wimbledon with the UK government's strong pro-UK position and their press which tends to be quite ruthless in the way they handle their business.

Until then, check out the video below.


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