Swiatek Opens Up About What Was The Lowest Point Of Her Tennis Career

Swiatek Opens Up About What Was The Lowest Point Of Her Tennis Career

by Zachary Wimer

Iga Swiatek has been a tremendously spectacular tennis player for much of her career, but even she has had a low point in her tennis career.

Looking at the last two to three years of Swiatek's career, it's not a surprise that many fans are amazed by what she's been able to do. The Polish player has been world number one for a while, and while she hasn't claimed the top spot all the time, she never really lost the mantle of the best player in the world.

A couple of title runs this year further cemented that, but it wasn't always rosy. She's had some troubles in the past, even a time which she considered a low point in her career. Looking at it from the outside, it doesn't seem there ever was one, but in an interview with Tennis365, Swiatek talked about it.

"As for the low ones? Probably managing expectations during Tokyo 2020 was something that took a toll on me."

Tokyo on her career low point

Those Olympics didn't go that well for Swiatek, but she's hoping for things to go much better this time around. Having the Olympics in Paris on a court she knows very well and has dominated on certainly helps. That would be a new high for her, replacing the previous one, which happened not too long ago.

"It’s actually a tough question. As I’m constantly learning to enjoy my journey more and more and appreciate achievements I would say that winning Cancun and finishing 2023 as No 1 is something that will stay with me forever. But you know… every small win, every good practice and good day is a high moment for me."

Regardless of what happens, it's going to be a very exciting summer for Swiatek, who will be the favourite to win another Grand Slam and also the Olympics.


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