Swiatek Explains Her Reasons Behind Rejecting Major Sponsorship Deals

Swiatek Explains Her Reasons Behind Rejecting Major Sponsorship Deals

by Zachary Wimer

In a recent interview, Iga Swiatek confirmed that she rejected several sponsorship deals, which rarely happens.

Sponsorship presents a vital type of second income for tennis players who can earn a lot through them, but not all deals go through. We've heard of players rejecting deals in the past, and Iga Swiatek is no different.

As the top player in the world, the Polish superstar is the major ambassador for the sport and, as such, is very interesting to big companies. As her popularity grew, so did her chances to work with brands, but the most important part of that rise was the ability to be tactical about it.

She's never been a player who will do a deal just to do but would like to see some backbone in the companies she works with. Talking to PZU Grupa, Swiatek revealed how she goes about choosing which companies to partner up with.

Now I'm a global athlete and foreign companies are also interested in me, so we can, in a sense, make a bit more tactical choices. See which of these companies would like to support at least the same charities or have the same values.

And we make decisions based on this. Besides, I turned down several nice offers precisely because sometimes the values of such a company are not necessarily in line with mine.

Turning down offers is a luxury, as Swiatek noted because some players who are lower ranked can't really afford to do that. They don't have that many offers, so taking the majority of what they get is the most sensible thing.

Swiatek can be selective and has exercised that option in the past. Some of the companies she's working with include On for her kit, Porsche, VISA, and the PZU Group, for whom she talked about recently.


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