Swiatek '1A And 1B' Favourite For French Open According To Roddick

Swiatek '1A And 1B' Favourite For French Open According To Roddick

by Zachary Wimer

The French Open is quite a distance away, but for Andy Roddick, there is no doubt that Iga Swiatek is the top favorite for the tournament at the Roland Garros.

The Polish established herself as a top performer on clay in recent years mostly because she's such a spectacular mover. Nobody on the WTA Tour moves on the surface as well as her, and with her hitting capabilities, it's just a deadly combo.

She's won three Roland Garros trophies so far in her career and will aim to win a fourth this year, with the former world number one agreeing that she's likely to do it. In his most recent column for Betway, Roddick explained why she's both the 1A and 1B favourite for the event.

"We have a million miles between now and the French Open and it’s going to be based on form going in, but Iga Swiatek is 1A and 1B as far as favourites go on this surface."

Very few players have truly managed to challenge her on clay so far, and as Roddick pointed out, unless someone puts together a really spectacular clay season, she'll remain the overwhelming favourite for the event.

"Rybakina and Aryna Sabalenka are both players that can bother her with pace and speed, but someone is going to have to put together a massive clay-court season to even enter the conversation with Iga on clay."

It doesn't mean she will win it, but she will certainly have the best chance. Pressure is another thing she'll have to deal with, and she hasn't always done the best job at that. Even last year's triumph in Paris was very hard, per her own words.

The most important part of what Roddick pointed out is that there is a long way to go until the event, and many things can happen.


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