'Strange, People Don't Care About Us': Samsonova On Montreal Scheduling Gaffe

'Strange, People Don't Care About Us': Samsonova On Montreal Scheduling Gaffe

Elena Rybakina wasn't the only player that complained about the schedule at the 2023 Canadian Open as Liudmila Samsonova had some things to say as well.

The Russian played fantastic tennis for a whole week to book a spot in the Canadian Open final. It wasn't a very good effort in the final as Pegula cruised comfortably but Samsonova was dealt a terrible hand to be fair.

She played earlier that day beating Rybakina in three sets to earn a place in the final. Then, not long after that, she took the court once more to try and play a fresh Pegula but predictably it didn't work out. After the match, Samsonova shared her opinion on the scheduling, especially how the event navigated rather bleak forecasts for much of the week.

The fact is that everyone saw that the forecast was at 6 p.m. would be raining, so I knew that. But, of course, it's strange that the people doesn't care so much about us, you know, because if you know that you must I think, this is my opinion, to make a schedule where it's possible to play because we already made two matches in one day.

So you have to try to do the best to don't play two matches in another day. This is my opinion.

She's not the only one who complained about it as Elena Rybakina, the other player affected had some choice words as well. It's not a good look for the event but the weather really didn't cooperate at all. They probably tried their best but as we say, you can always do better. Even with all that, Samsonova looked at the bright side instead of focusin on the bad things.

I still cannot realize because it was a tough week for me. So many matches, so many experiences, tough weather, but at the end I made such an incredible result. I'm so happy.


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