'Serena Could Have Had 30 Grand Slams': Macci On Serena Williams' Legendary Career

'Serena Could Have Had 30 Grand Slams': Macci On Serena Williams' Legendary Career

by Nurein Ahmed

Rick Macci recently commented on the career of her former protégé Serena Williams and opined that she would have won 30 Grand Slams had it not been for certain limiting factors.

Macci, a seven-time USPTA (United States Professional Tennis Association) national coach of the year, was an invited guest on Match Point Canada podcast and talked about a number of hot topics in tennis.

The 68-year-old celebrated American coach is a Master Professional of USPTA, which is among the largest organizations bestowed with the mandate to certify aspiring tennis coaches. During the episode, Macci felt that a lot of people underestimated Serena's talent.

He coached Serena and Venus during their tender years in 1991 until they turned professional in 1995. Macci asserts that Serena Williams "checked every box" when it came to mastering the court. And if it were not for injuries and her restricted schedule, then she could have won a lot more.

"Serena could have had 30 Grand Slams if she would’ve played all the tournaments, wouldn’t have taken time off, wouldn’t have injuries but I think that’s irrelevant. People don’t realize how good Serena was. She checked every box and she added a few more."

Macci then further delves into what made Serena Williams an extraordinary athlete. Apart from her incredible serving prowess on a tennis court, few players within the tennis landscape possess some of the physical attributes that the 23-time major champion was abundantly blessed with, according to her ex-coach.

"She’s amazing, the best serve ever. People don’t understand, in one match she hit 21 aces, when was the last time you could say that about a female tennis player? They don’t realize how good her serve was."

"She’s the best athlete to ever hold a racket and maybe one of the best female athletes of all time. Big, strong, fast, quick, flexible, could do the splits. She also knew where you were going to hit the ball before you did. She had the rage inside, she gave me that look even at 10 years old. She had all the time in the world."

Serena retired from professional tennis in 2022, in an emotional farewell at the US Open following a third-round defeat to Ajla Tomljanovic. Since then she has ventured into multiple business ventures while balancing time with her family following the arrival of her second child, Adira River Ohanian in August 2023.


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