Sharapova Was the 'Worst Athlete To Win Grand Slam' According To Agent

Sharapova Was the 'Worst Athlete To Win Grand Slam' According To Agent

by Sebastian Dahlman

Longtime agent Max Eisenbud knows Maria Sharapova as well as anybody, and he talked about her recently during an episode of the Tennis Podcast.

Eisenbud has worked with several tennis players over the course of his career including current players such as Emma Raducanu. He appeared on a recent episode of The Tennis Podcast where he talked about Sharapova, among other things.

There are many stories about Sharapova but one Eisenbud can confirm is that she was all business. Focused on her goals and worked hard towards them despite lacking in some other departments. He called her the worst athlete to ever win a Grand Slam, which might be true because she herself described herself mostly as an entertainer.

Besides being an amazing player at age 11 when I first saw her play, I think you all saw she was all business, she knew what she wanted, she'd dedicate her time and energy to becoming the best she could be.

I mean I tell people all the time she's probably the worst athlete that, and I'll tell her if she was here (laughing), the worst athlete to ever win a Grand Slam. She can't throw, she can't pass, she has no touch but she willed her way.

It was a very interesting way to describe Sharapova, but even now, away from the courts, Sharapova is literally all business. She has a rather successful business career and became a mother in the meantime as well. Her focus and dedication towards achieving her goals have always been admirable for Eisenbud.

I think she was the most mentally strong players to ever play the game and I would put her on that list with all that great champions, she just wasn't the athlete that these other players were. She knew what she wanted in business, on and off the court, amazing young lady.


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