Serena Williams Admits Winning Wimbledon Nowhere Near 'Volunteering At Kid's School'

Serena Williams Admits Winning Wimbledon Nowhere Near 'Volunteering At Kid's School'

by Erik Virostko

Serena Williams is arguably the greatest female tennis player of all time, but right now, she's a mother of her daughters.

The 42-year-old enjoyed a sensational career that ended in 2022 at the US Open. Since then, Serena has fully entered the family and business worlds. Williams recently talked about the companies that she invested in, and she even started some.

WYN Beauty, a makeup brand, is her latest venture. After launching the brand, the 23-time major winner talked to Byrdie, but it wasn't only about her brand but also about her legendary tennis career.

After retiring at Flushing Meadows nearly two years ago, everything changed for Williams, but she admitted that the decision was motivated by wanting to have another child.

"It's definitely not easy. I love sports and being active. Leaving something I was still good at to be a mom was such a difficult decision. But I wanted another kid, so I had to do that. Now it's about finding balance and doing other things I've always loved."

During the same interview, the American legend was also asked about what brought her the most joy in her life, and she admitted that winning a Wimbledon trophy, or any other tennis-related achievement, doesn't come anywhere close to volunteering at her kid's school.

"My kids. I can't say that a Wimbledon trophy holds a candle to volunteering at my kid's school."

Williams' daughters didn't get to enjoy the best years of her career in tennis, but still, Serena hopes she left a legacy that could inspire them to be themselves, because according to her, that's the most important thing.

"I want my daughters to look at my career and learn that being authentic to themselves is really the most important thing. You don't have to be the best as long as you do your best. I also hope my daughters see how many different passions I have—from tennis to beauty—and learn that they can lead dynamic careers and lives across their many interests."


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