Sabalenka Gives Honest Verdict On Controversial Two-Week WTA 1000 Events

Sabalenka Gives Honest Verdict On Controversial Two-Week WTA 1000 Events

by Zachary Wimer

Aryna Sabalenka shared her thoughts on the two-week WTA 1000 events, as many players keep complaining about the format.

When the format was first introduced, some players raised concerns, but many didn't discuss it in depth, as they had yet to try it out and form their opinion on whether it suited them or not.

Andrey Rublev was one of the players who said he didn't like the format. Iga Swiatek also spoke on the topic, but she took a bit more of a neutral stance.

Sabalenka is one of the players who favors it, but that's not the first time she's gone against the consensus. She was also in favor of the new hard balls, which many players complained about.

Now, speaking after the 2024 Italian Open final, she suggested that she liked the two-week format because a day off gave her enough time to prepare.

"Well, I know that so many players are complaining about that. They would prefer one-week tournament. Me personally, I don't know, it's tough call. I know myself. For me is better to have one day off. I'm able to forget about tennis for a day and to be kind of like relaxed, not be mentally too much."

Sabalenka on the new format

Many of her colleagues don't share that opinion because most players have come out against it. Still, the format isn't going to be to everybody's liking, like anything on the Tours.

Some players like the one-week format, while others like the two-week format, and both have merit. Sabalenka favors the more relaxed variant because the former format was too fast for her, not allowing her enough rest.

"Before, when it was one-week event, it was just too much. Sometimes matches are really high intensity. After you finish the tournament, me personally, I was mentally, physically off."

"I just wasn't ready physically and mentally for the next one. I would lose it in the first round and just go and prepare for Roland Garros."


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