Rybakina Slams Disrespectful Talks About Her Coach

Rybakina Slams Disrespectful Talks About Her Coach

by Evita Mueller

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Elena Rybakina remains steadfast in her support for her coach, Stefano Vukov when quizzed about it during an interview with Tennis Channel.

The pair faced a storm of criticism following a tense semifinal match against Victoria Azarenka, during which Vukov's gestures and shouting raised eyebrows. Rybakina has since made it clear that she considers these remarks not only disrespectful towards her coach but also to herself.

Many in the tennis community rushed to judge Vukov without considering the unique dynamic between the player and her coach. In a recent interview, Rybakina, who advanced to the 2023 Indian Wells semifinals, emphasized the importance of understanding the bigger picture before making assumptions.

"People don't really know us that well and like to comment or say something that they don't know. It's not their business at the end of the day. I think it was kind of disrespectful to him and to me."

The 23-year-old tennis sensation believes that her relationship with Vukov is strong, despite what may have appeared to be a heated exchange during the match. By speaking out against the unwarranted criticism, Rybakina hopes to put an end to the negative comments surrounding her partnership with Vukov.

"I just had to do it so everybody knows that whatever they can see or think, they don't know us. Hopefully, we won't get any other comments like these."

While the stress of the game can sometimes lead to heated moments, Rybakina is committed to focusing on her own performance and trusting the understanding she shares with her team.

"Its difficult because, well, I'm stressed out kind of every point. So sometimes I can get mad also for no reason to tell something to my team, but hopefully they understand. I'm trying to focus on myself, sometimes it's good, sometimes its not. So its just something between us but everything is good."

In a world where judgments are often made hastily, Rybakina's insistence on standing by her coach and shutting down disrespectful conversations offers a valuable lesson in loyalty and understanding. It is a reminder to the tennis community that relationships between players and coaches are complex and nuanced, and that a single moment captured on camera should not define their partnership.



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