Rennae Stubbs suggests Coco Gauff needs to improve her serve and forehand

Rennae Stubbs suggests Coco Gauff needs to improve her serve and forehand

by Jamie Malachy

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Serena Williams' former coach, Rennae Stubbs, has taken to social media to outline the two key areas of Coco Gauff's game that she needs to improve in order to elevate her game to the next level.

The Australian former tennis player has claimed that Coco Gauff's serve and forehand need to be completely deconstructed and rebuilt with a new technique.

Stubbs was full of praise for the young American's work ethic and personality, but was clear in how she thought Gauff's match play could be strengthened.

" Coco is a such a great kid, works her butt off & is a delight to be around & after some time off, I would suggest completely breaking down that forehand technique & serve. If she can get them under control and confident, shes going to be even tougher to play against! #greatkid", wrote Stubbs on Twitter.

Stubbs then went into more detail regarding her plan for Gauff's forehand, saying, "I am speaking from experience. My FH was my weaker side & as a player, u know ur own weaknesses & under pressure bad technique breaks down. But there are ways to get them stronger & more reliable under pressure. Practice makes perfect & the off season must be dedicated to that".

Meanwhile, the current World No. 4 has recently opened up about her disappointing display in her WTA Finals debut.

"Texas didn’t go the way I wanted it to go. That motivated me even more to come here. It’s very rare tennis experiences a team atmosphere. I played other team sports like basketball. That’s the one thing I did miss from playing (basketball). The Billie Jean Cup is what brings you closest to that", she said.

Gauff is currently competing at the Billie Jean King Cup finals in Glasgow for the US team. This is already a more successful tournament for Gauff than her last outing, as she and fellow American Caty McNally won their opening doubles match last night.


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