Raducanu Stands By Her Decision To Skip Olympics Despite Expecting Criticism

Raducanu Stands By Her Decision To Skip Olympics Despite Expecting Criticism

by Zachary Wimer

Emma Raducanu expects many questions about her decision to skip the 2024 Paris Olympics, but she stands behind her choice.

The Brit surprised many by turning down an ITF wild card to play at the Paris Olympics. One of the biggest names in the sport won't be playing in Paris, and she thought about the decision extensively before making it.

She opted against it for many reasons, but for the most part, it was a combination of factors, such as coming back from the injury and just having more time to practice and avoid an injury.

She's very young, so there will be more Olympics to play, but it certainly surprised many of her fans because it's not an event that rolls around every year.

The Brit knows she'll be asked about it often in the coming weeks, but she's comfortable with her decision. Her injuries have taught her that her approach earlier in her career was wrong, and she's changing that this year.

" I think at one point I was chasing, playing too many tournaments when I wasn't ready, and then I was just picking up niggle after niggle in every tournament, because I never really gave myself any time to do the training and the work. I think that's something I did a lot better this year."

Raducanu once again explained that part of her new approach is just doing things at her speed, and that's why she won't play in Paris.

"Even though I might get challenged or questioned for not playing certain tournaments like the French Open or the Olympics, I think that for me, that is just part of it."

"Doing things at my own speed and doing things how I want to rather than how everyone else thinks is best for me, because ultimately me and the close few people around me just only know what is actually best for me and my game."


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