Raducanu Believes She's In 'Better Headspace' Ahead Of Her Return

Raducanu Believes She's In 'Better Headspace' Ahead Of Her Return

by Evita Mueller

Emma Raducanu is set to return to tennis next year, and she believes herself to be in a better headspace to compete this year.

The British player missed much of this year due to triple surgery and a complicated recovery process that extended more than anybody anticipated. It was likely a call by Raducanu and her to approach this conservatively and just focus on a brand new start at the beginning of 2024.

That's the plan for now, and it's seemingly going well as she returned to practices fairly recently. There is a lot of unknown about her comeback, but nothing other than the comeback itself will answer it.

She tried her best to answer some questions people had in a recent interview where she admitted that the comeback would be tough.

On another note, Raducanu also admitted that she's in a better headspace to compete than before, which is great news to hear, especially given what she had to deal with over the past few years.

I know it’s going to be difficult when you haven’t competed for a long time, almost a year. It’ll take me some tournaments to get back up to speed, but once I do, I think I’m in a better headspace to compete now.

We'll see whether she'll back that up with her play on the court, but that's a few more weeks away. We don't really know where her return will happen, but the most likely comeback is the 2024 Australian Open where the Brit may need to use her protected ranking or get a wild card.

The 2024 ASB Classic in Auckland is also a possibility, but returning to the place where she injured herself would be interesting. She hasn't confirmed her participation at any event Down Under. For now it's all about getting ready for the upcoming season.


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