'No Worse Sport, Complete Bull***t': Kasatkina Enraged Over Tennis Logistics

'No Worse Sport, Complete Bull***t': Kasatkina Enraged Over Tennis Logistics

by Evita Mueller

Daria Kasatkina showed her outspoken nature once more by bashing tennis logistics on her YouTube channel.

Daria Kasatkina has been a very outspoken player for much of her career, which makes sense. Her personal revelation last year was certainly brave, and it's not the only thing she opened up about.

She condemned the War in Ukraine, and she spoke out against tennis getting involved with Saudi Arabia, among many other things.

In her latest instance of speaking out, Kasatkina vented about tennis logistics, which make it a nightmare of a sport to pursue as an athlete. She commented on her YouTube channel explaining how the logistics of the sport make it incredibly hard.

I arrived to a Masters & they meet only from one airport. They don't meet you from another. So I played in Tokyo last night & it was impossible to fly in the evening. So I need to fly the next day at 10am. I need to arrive earlier bc tomorrow I have to play. Honestly, I'm exhausted.

Kasatkina on Youtube

The game of tennis itself is the simplest thing we do. Everything else is just completely bull***t. I can't travel anymore. I can't pack my things… these planes, moving… When you can't communicate with people from different countries, constantly changing beds, constantly packing & unpacking bags every week, I just can't do it anymore.

It's not a sentiment we heard for the first time, as many players struggle with that part of the game. Kyrgios spoke about it, and compatriot Ashleigh Barty spoke about it, as did Fabio Fognini earlier this year, admitting he would not advise his kids to pursue tennis.

It's a very taxing sport on the body as it is but the constant travel only makes it worse.

My body is just telling me to f*ck off already. For the 3rd time in a month & a half I have a sore throat & in general my condition is incomprehensible. In terms of life logistics, there is no worse sport in the whole world. It’s just complete bullsh*t.


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