'Natural Competitor' Gauff Not Afraid To 'Roll Up Her Sleeves' And Work Says Shriver

'Natural Competitor' Gauff Not Afraid To 'Roll Up Her Sleeves' And Work Says Shriver

by Zachary Wimer

Coco Gauff returns to the US for some tennis Stateside, and there is a good chance she will go far at the event.

Gauff had her biggest success last year on US soil. She won a couple of events leading up to the US Open and then won her maiden Grand Slam trophy at the event. It was a majestic moment for the American; now she returns to the US for more tennis.

There is a lot of chatter about how she will do at the event and whether she can keep her amazing streak in the US going. The American has had a pretty good start to the season, even though the Middle Eastern stretch recently was pretty bad. That should fuel her even more because she's not a player who strings together a lot of poor showings.

The conditions are pretty favourable for her; ultimately, we need to look at her fighting spirit here. She's a natural competitor and never afraid to get her hands dirty, according to former player Pam Shriver and that what she'll need to do here.

The one thing I’m always impressed with, no matter how she’s playing, she rolls up her sleeves and is willing to get in the trenches. You only do that if you’re a natural competitor. There’s two major parts to Coco’s game: the mental game and her court speed. Speed, defense and attitude are pretty doggone good. That wins you a lot of matches, even if you’re not playing your best tennis.

The somewhat slower court and higher bounce will allow Gauff to neutralize some of the game's biggest hitters. That bodes well for her chances at the event but ultimately she'll have to prove it on the court. Didn't work in the Middle East so let's see what happens back home in the US.


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