Isner Ridicules CDC's Newest Guidelines In Combating COVID-19

Isner Ridicules CDC's Newest Guidelines In Combating COVID-19

by Nurein Ahmed

John Isner recently scoffed at the news that COVID-19 isolation practice has been dropped by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).

On Friday, March 1st, the CDC shared an updated list of recommendations for those diagnosed with coronavirus on how best to combat the disease, which was declared a pandemic until last year.

As of March 2024, at least seven million lives have been lost due to COVID-19. While the disease remains at large, the death toll has reduced sharply in recent months as millions were vaccinated.

Additionally, people incorporated well-explained control measures to contain its spread, such as social distancing and isolation for those confirmed to have the virus.

The coronavirus brought the world to a standstill in 2020 when, at the height of the pandemic, the tennis tour, like any other global sport that involved physical contact and gatherings, was suspended temporarily.

COVID-19 vaccine eventually became the jargon word in the next 12 months after that. Although it was not mandated that tennis players be vaccinated, it became a requirement for those seeking to travel to certain countries like the USA and Australia.

A case in point was how Novak Djokovic had his visa revoked and deported before the 2022 Australian Open because he was unvaccinated. The Serb was also denied entry into the US territory to play tournaments such as the Indian Wells Masters, Miami Open, and the US Open in the past two years.

That was until the restriction was lifted in May 2023. And a few days ago, the CDC classified the coronavirus in the same category as flu and other common respiratory illnesses.

The 5-day isolation period has now been dropped, which experts strategized to contain the spread of the virus for over a year. Upon seeing the news, Isner, who has previously shared his anti-vaccination sentiments, was back at it again with another sarcastic response.

"I remember when playing tennis outside was illegal bc of covid."

Isner posted on X (formerly Twitter)


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