'Mental Obstacle' And Diabetes Stopping Zverev From Winning Maiden Grand Slam Says Petkovic

'Mental Obstacle' And Diabetes Stopping Zverev From Winning Maiden Grand Slam Says Petkovic

by Zachary Wimer

Alexander Zverev has yet to win a Grand Slam, and according to compatriot Andrea Petkovic, there are a few reasons for that.

The German hasn't won a major yet, even though many assumed years ago that he would do it by now. He had a good chance at the US Open a few years ago when he led Dominic Thiem 2-0 in sets but also allowed the Austrian to battle back and win that match.

Some would argue that he had a very good chance the last time Rafael Nadal won the Roland Garros in 2022, but unfortunately, an ankle injury prevented that from happening.

He played pretty well this year in Australia but once again struggled to close out the match against Daniil Medvedev. It's unfortunate for the German because he is a player who is worthy of winning a Grand Slam; it's just that it has never worked out so far.

According to compatriot and former player Andrea Petkovic, there are several reasons for that, and she talked about it on the Rennae Stubbs' Tennis Podcast.

"First of all, he has the diabetes, that's a challenge. That's a physical challenge for a man that has to play a best of five match. That's definitely there. But, it's interesting cause I feel like to win a Grand Slam, there is a little mental obstacle that you have to overcome. It feels once you overcome that, you can win any Slam."

Petkovic made some fair points, especially about diabetes. It would be a huge achievement for him to actually win a major, because that would inspire many aspiring athletes. However, the mental part is likely the bigger problem.

"After that, you go to a Slam and you are like 'I can win this'. He hasn't overcome that yet, and we saw that the two best matches where he was up 2-0, in the US Open final and the semifinals at the Australian Open against Daniil Medvedev. So, clearly, he hasn't quite overcome that mental obstacle yet."


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