Kudermetova's Russian Sponsorship To Disappear for Wimbledon Appearance

Kudermetova's Russian Sponsorship To Disappear for Wimbledon Appearance

by Zlatko Vodenicharov

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Veronika Kudermetova plans to remove her Russian sponsor's logo to comply with Wimbledon requirements this year. in case she competes.

Tatneft, a major oil and gas company in Russia, has been sponsoring Kudermetova, who recently wore the company's logo on her dress during a fourth-round victory over compatriot Daria Kasatkina at the Madrid Open. However, due to the conditions set forth by the AELTC and LTA, she will need to remove the logo for her Wimbledon appearance.

The European Union had previously issued sanctions against Tatneft last June, freezing the company's assets. Although Kudermetova currently doesn't break any rules by wearing the logo, she acknowledges the need to adhere to Wimbledon's guidelines as reported by BBC.

"For the moment, I don't break a rule. For Wimbledon, yes, I know we are not allowed to wear badges from our country. I agree with that, but for the moment I can wear that badge. If I would like to play Wimbledon, I need to take the badge off."

While the Women's Tennis Association (WTA) does not have any rules preventing players from carrying sponsorship by a Russian firm like Tatneft, individual tournaments have the right to impose similar restrictions to those of the AELTC and LTA.

In the press conference, Kudermetova also discussed her previous association with CSKA, the traditional sports club of the Russian armed forces. She clarified that while she used to practice at their facility when she was younger, she currently has no contractual ties or receives any salary from them.

"When I was young, I was practising there. It was my tennis club - when I was in Moscow I practised there, but for the moment I am not practising there. I don't have a contract with them, I don't have a salary from them - for the moment we are separate."


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