Jabeur Sees Ningbo Triumph As 'Little Step Towards Winning Grand Slam Title'

Jabeur Sees Ningbo Triumph As 'Little Step Towards Winning Grand Slam Title'

by Evita Mueller

Ons Jabeur dreams of winning a Grand Slam and while the Ningbo Open trophy is not that, it's certainly a step towards that in her mind.

Jabeur was a late bloomer, much like Stan Wawrinka doing most of the great things she's done in her career closer to age 30 than 20. It's not the standard path for a tennis player, but still a very valid one, as you can't deny her greatness.

You don't play three Grand Slam finals by chance, though it's not what she's after. She dreams of becoming a Grand Slam champion, and every success she has is considered a step towards that. As a player who lost a few big finals, winning one should give her confidence in the future, and that's how she's treating this most recent triumph.

These are little steps to winning a Grand Slam final. Playing a final here is more relaxed than playing a Grand Slam final, but I think it will help me gain confidence more, and to help me manage the pressure and stress.

This was the second trophy she won this year, and it's a good thing for her with the hope of keeping it going. She could win a few more in the upcoming weeks, as indoor has been a fairly decent surface for her.

The crucial thing is the confidence with which she approached a final in which she was the heavy favourite. She admitted as much after the match, explaining how solid she felt on the court.

I felt more solid [than in previous matches], I felt tactically I played very well, I had an advantage in that I had more experience than her to manage certain points.

Well, it was a great finish to the week and let's see whether she can keep it up in the coming weeks. She's yet to secure a spot at the 2023 WTA Finals in Cancun though this was a good step towards that too.


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