'Inevitable, Money Talks': Pegula On Saudi Arabia's Involvement In Tennis

'Inevitable, Money Talks': Pegula On Saudi Arabia's Involvement In Tennis

by Zachary Wimer

Jessica Pegula thinks Saudi Arabia entering tennis is inevitable because they want to and have the means to do so.

Tennis doesn't need money from Saudi Arabia, of course, but they could benefit from it greatly and that's why so many sports are doing business with the country. In the end, all sports are business, and businesses are going to do what's best for them in the long term.

Talks about the country entering the sport have been loud for much of this year, and it's going to happen sooner rather than later. Fans are not thrilled; some players are cautious about it, including Pegula, while most have already embraced it.

The recently packed stands for the Novak Djokovic - Carlos Alcaraz exhibition in Riyadh certainly proved there is local interest in the sport. When you combine interest with unlimited funds, you basically have everything you need. Money talks, as Pegula said to the media at the United Cup press conference.

I think it's inevitable, to be honest. Yeah, there is a lot of talks. I feel like there has been for the past year or so. I feel like it's going to happen eventually, because money talks, and they have infinite amounts of money and they seem to be involved in every single sport in the world except for ours, so I'm sure ours is coming. Yeah, I don't know exactly when, but...

The country has been heavily investing in various sports in an effort to diversify its economy and make the country more appealing for tourism and foreign investment.

For much of its recent history, the country has been somewhat isolated due to its traditional culture, but under new leadership, the country is turning a new modern page in an effort to be more open to the world.

It's been a huge success so far even though many concern remain. Time will tell how things go from here.


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