Iga Swiatek Gives Honest Verdict On Use Of On-Court Coaching

Iga Swiatek Gives Honest Verdict On Use Of On-Court Coaching

by Zachary Wimer

Coaching is an interesting topic in tennis, with many differing opinions on the matter, and Iga Swiatek shared her thoughts on it.

Coaching has been a controversial topic in the sport for a long time. Generally, tennis hasn't been a sport that allows too much coaching. It's been present forever in some way but has been rather discreet, much more so than recently.

Currently, on-court coaching is allowed, and there are various opinions on the matter. Some, like Stefanos Tsitsipas, are in favor of proper coaching, similar to what we see in other sports, while some, like Taylor Fritz, would ban it completely.

There is merit to both positions, but the former is generally the more popular one, which is why coaching has become more prevalent recently.

Like many other players, Swiatek has debated the issue but is generally content with the way it works now. Speaking after her recent win over Linda Noskova at the 2024 Miami Open, the Polish player admitted that coaching proved vital in her win over the Czech player.

"Well, I never actually, like, thought more if it would be better or not to have coaching at all or if it's nice we have that system like that right now. Honestly, when I came on tour, there was more and more coaching every season basically. The best way to deal with it is to talk with your team and tell them what you want or what not."

The on-court coaching is likely one of those things that is here to stay. Time will tell whether that was the right decision, but according to Swiatek, it's something that helped her in this case.

"Sometimes it's not easy to have these interactions because there's a lot of emotions as well. Tonight for sure, yeah, my box just told me one thing to kind of focus on in the time when I had chaos in my head a little bit. I had something to lean on and it really helped me."


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