'I Thrive For Those Situations': Raducanu Enjoys 'Pressure' On Wimbledon's Centre Court

'I Thrive For Those Situations': Raducanu Enjoys 'Pressure' On Wimbledon's Centre Court

by Zachary Wimer

Emma Raducanu confirmed after her most recent Wimbledon win that she loves playing on the big stage because she thrives in those moments.

The Brit won the US Open as a teenager, becoming the first qualifier to do so. She also delivered in some big tournaments or matches in the past. A prime example of that was powering Great Britain past France in the Billie Jean King Cup in a very hostile environment.

Despite being under a lot of pressure at this year's Wimbledon, Raducanu has proved to be very stable so far, winning all of her matches relatively comfortably. Even when playing against Maria Sakkari, the Brit held her cool and won the match comfortably.

She confirmed after the match that she loves those pressure situations on the big stages on the big courts, and for a Brit, there is nothing better than the Centre Court at Wimbledon.

"I love playing on the big courts. I thrive in such occasions, on big stages. It’s something I play tennis for. I love the feeling of it. Competing. Especially here in front of a home crowd."

"On the pressure side you can flip it. I have a packed center court who are all rooting for me to win. It really felt like that today and it felt like that in my last two matches."

Not every tennis player gets a chance to compete in front of the home crowd, and that's why, at the end of the day, Raducanu just appreciates the chance of having thousands of people supporting her.

"So for me I feel happy that that many people are behind me. That’s just in a microcosm really of what’s going on in the wider world. Because not everyone who’s supporting me is in that stadium, as well. Pressure is a privilege. I thrive for those situations."


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