'I Said No': Why Bouchard Turned Down Justin Bieber's Date Proposal

'I Said No': Why Bouchard Turned Down Justin Bieber's Date Proposal

by Nurein Ahmed

Once in a lifetime means there's no second chance, but Eugenie Bouchard holds no regrets in turning down fellow Canadian Justin Bieber's proposal for "hanging out."

Bouchard made history at the 2014 Wimbledon Championships when she became the first Canadian to reach a Grand Slam final. Although she would lose to Petra Kvitova in straight sets, the then delightfully looking 20-year-old Bouchard was already a star in the making.

Sadly, Bouchard never quite reached those heights again. Recently, she celebrated her 30th birthday. In the ten years since her 2014 breakthrough, she has won just one career title and switched to pickleball this year.

But it's not all gone downhill for the former World No. 5, who is a tennis darling with fans and boasts an impressive Instagram following (2.4 million). Bouchard shared an untold secret about how she rejected pop star Justin Bieber's request for a date in 2015.

The pair were involved in the annual Desert Smash charity tennis exhibition, after which Bieber is alleged to have made the proposal. Back then, Bouchard's star had never shone brighter. Just months earlier before their encounter, she flirted with the idea of an ideal date, in which she mentioned Bieber's name.

But in a popular television show named Family Feud Canada, the 30-year-old explained why a romance between herself and the singer never materialized when questioned that she "could have been Mrs. Justin Bieber."

"No, it’s a funny story. We played a tennis match for charity, and he asked me to hang out later, but I had a boyfriend, so I said no, and I believe I deserve the Girlfriend of the Century award."

Since switching to pickleball and playing it professionally, Bouchard has not returned to the WTA tour, bar a few appearances in exhibitions. She recently dropped outside the world's Top 300 and last played on the tennis pro tour in Guadalajara last September.


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