Gauff Planning Changes In Her Game That Initially Made Her 'Feel Uncomfortable'

Gauff Planning Changes In Her Game That Initially Made Her 'Feel Uncomfortable'

by Zachary Wimer

Coco Gauff is a great and already successful tennis player, but she plans to work harder to become even better.

If there is one lesson all tennis players can learn from the legendary Big Three, it's that you can never stop improving. Athletes can't stop improving if they want to stay at the top of the game, and even now, players like Novak Djokovic still tweak their game to find the best possible level.

There can be some reluctance about that in some players, and Gauff actually admitted that she had some of it. Speaking ahead of the 2024 Roland Garros, the American admitted that she's not always been comfortable with changing her shots.

She's aware that she'll have to do it to become a better player, and she intends to do that, but it clearly hasn't always been that way.

"I am clear that, if I want to be the best tennis player possible, I must leave my comfort zone and make changes in my game that I initially felt uncomfortable with."

Her potential is tremendous, and she can certainly become an iconic player, but there are things she needs to improve upon. The serve is still shaky at times, as is the forehand, and those are major shots a successful tennis player needs to have, and that's also why she plans to work on her serve.

"The serve is the main thing, but not the only thing. In Rome I improved with the serve and I'm feeling more and more confident. I know that I have to force myself to be uncomfortable on the court because, in the long term, it will go well for me."

Gauff clearly realizes that it has to be done, and she won't be the first player to do so. Aryna Sabalenka didn't break through properly until she addressed her serve two years ago, and now she's one of the most consistent players on the WTA Tour.


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