Gauff Pinpoints Bad Marketing As Reason For Less Viewers For Women's Tennis

Gauff Pinpoints Bad Marketing As Reason For Less Viewers For Women's Tennis

by Zachary Wimer

Women's tennis is quite exciting, but the viewership numbers still look low compared to men's tennis.

There is a fair argument to be made in terms of whether men's tennis or women's tennis is the better overall product. Sure, the level of tennis players is higher on the men's Tour because of the obvious physical advantage, but that doesn't mean that women's tennis isn't great.

In many ways, it's actually even more exciting because there is far more parity, and anybody can beat anybody on any given day. While technically true for men's tennis as well, women's tennis is just a bit more unpredictable, creating another layer of added drama.

Fans who enjoy watching men play tennis can, and many do enjoy women playing tennis. Still, there are areas where the women's side of the sport lacks in comparison to the men's side, and Coco Gauff talked a bit about that ahead of the 2024 Dubai Championships.

"Yeah, for me I think the biggest thing in that most sports in the world, people watch the men's game more than the women's. I think we continue to bring fans. The problem is also we have to market our women's sports better, market us better."

"I think the past couple years I feel like the marketing for women's sports has been invested more in, and therefore there's been more watch-ability, people watching."

Gauff is pretty passionate about seeing the sport move forward and thinks that recent steps have been good. She wants more to be done but also recognizes the privileges that women in tennis have compared to some other sports.

"I think if we continue to invest in women's sports, then it will profit almost the same as the men, garner equal pay. I'm grateful for us."

"At least on most tournaments, some tournaments on the tour, the Grand Slams obviously, we have equal pay. Hopefully tennis can be the leader of that and fiddle down into other sports, as well."


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