Gauff Explains Why She Enjoyed Crowd Cheering Against Her At Roland Garros

Gauff Explains Why She Enjoyed Crowd Cheering Against Her At Roland Garros

by Zachary Wimer

Coco Gauff faced a minorly hostile crowd at the 2024 Roland Garros while playing against Ons Jabeur, but she enjoyed the competitive atmosphere.

The American is one of those tennis players who generally enjoy loud atmospheres. She's fairly on the same side of that argument as most of her American colleagues, who are all generally used to more rowdy crowds in tennis matches.

She enjoyed the competitive atmosphere during her most recent match against Jabeur, where the crowd cheered for her opponent and against her. Despite all of that, Gauff was able to outplay Jabeur, securing a spot in the semi-final.

After the match, the 20-year-old mentioned the crowd when talking with Marion Bartoli, admitting that she enjoyed it as she generally enjoys playing in atmospheres like this.

"She’s a tough opponent. She’s well-loved on tour. I could tell by the crowd today you guys wanted her to win. But honestly when she’ playing I cheer for her too. Thank you for making it a good atmosphere. The people made it really fun for me. I like playing in environments like this."

"Even though you guys were for Ons, I had a lot of fun. Even when I lost the first set and they were chanting.. When I was in the bathroom I was just like ‘this is really fun, win or lose.’"

Gauff is hardly the only player who enjoys playing in conditions like that. The key difference is that the crowd in Paris wasn't particularly hostile towards Gauff, but they were rooting in a way that clearly increased the Americans' desire to win the match.

"There were 2 people behind my bench cheering for me. I could hear them, it helped me. I know I have a lot of love here in Paris. Trust me I appreciate it. Hopefully you guys can help me make it through the next round."


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