Gauff Details Her Off-Season Racket Try-Outs To Find Best Fit

Gauff Details Her Off-Season Racket Try-Outs To Find Best Fit

by Zachary Wimer

Coco Gauff spoke about her racquet after her most recent win at the 2024 Italian Open, explaining how she decides about making possible changes.

Every tennis player is different, so every player uses a slightly different tennis racket and setup for that racket. Sometimes, it's a different racket brand, and sometimes, it's a different tension, but generally, all the players try adjusting it from time to time, searching for the best fit.

Gauff did that as well, but she didn't really change much. She had one of her best runs last year with the racket, so she felt there was no need to really change anything with it.

Speaking with the media in Rome after beating Paula Badosa, Gauff admitted that she's not a player who generally flirts with change too much. Being content with the racket obviously contributed to that.

"I didn't really change much in my racquet, to be honest and transparent. I don't really flirt too much. Especially after winning US Open, I felt like there's nothing I needed to change. Tension is something I flirt with. I think obviously every player does. Right now I'm really happy with where my racquet is at."

Even though she doesn't tinker with her racquet that much right now, Gauff doesn't exclude doing it in the future. She actually has an interesting way of doing that, explaining to the media what the process really looks like.

"Maybe off-season, every couple off-seasons, I will test weight. I'll line up, put all the racquets the same, and I'll pick which one I like. I did that two years ago. I ended up picking the racquet I was already using."

"I didn't know. That shows I'm kind of happy where I'm at. I'll probably do it again maybe in a year or two. If I end up picking the same racquet, then there's no need to change."


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